😆Drawn in

Psychological safety | Human connection | Seeing and being seen | Creativity | Laughter

A game for two or more colleagues/friends/strangers



  • 2 - 2000 players

  • 5 minutes

  • Each player needs a paper and pen

  • Facilitator needs a 2 minute timer (approximate is ok - I use a wristwatch with seconds on)



Read out loud:

Pair up! Does everyone have paper and a pen? Great!

First, write the name of the person you’re about to draw… [participants are writing] …then ‘by’, and then your name (eg. Pete by Michelle)

Now, as a commitment to whatever is about to come out of your pen, write your signature. The drawing you do will be like your signature - totally unique.

You may now draw each other. 2 minutes starting now! Be bold, make mistakes! Imagine if there was no good or bad, just lines on paper…

[They draw. Hold a space of silence, focus and humour. Maybe laugh with genuine joy at their drawings as they go. Encourage them. Exact timing isn't important]

You have 1 minute left (approximate is fine)

You have 30 seconds left (approximate is fine)

3... 2... 1... Pens down!

[Let them see and enjoy each other's drawings]

Beautiful! I’d love you to all come and put your drawings next to each other <here> [on the floor, or a big table, so everyone can gather around and see]

Ask the group:

Why do you think we played that game?

[listen to their responses. Don’t add anything - leaving it open leaves all participants able to continue reflecting and learning from the experience]


If you all want to be exhibiting artists with 1000 other people who have drawn each other in the April 2019 Drawn-in exhibition in the Wellington Thistle Hall Gallery, Peter will be delighted. Email him at peter@heartworkhq.com and he’ll collect your drawings and give you and your team invitations to the exhibition opening